Free Rooting Guides


Free Rooting Guides

As the demand of androids phones are increasing in the market, people are getting more familiar with their features to a very great extent. Most important question for every android phone users is whether to root their phones or not. While many are still not aware with the concept of rooting others are confused about their decisions of doing it or not. Let us get into the whole idea of rooting and how you can it do.

How to Root your Phone

Rooting is a process which involves adding up small Linux application ‘su’ in your android phone. ‘SU’ stands for Super User which gives elevated permissions to all the applications and commands in the android phone. By rooting you phone you end up entering commands which is given by Linux Kernel which is the operating system of all android handsets. Rooting can be done in various ways depending upon the device on which it is done. But it involves exploiting of the security bugs which can be one or more into the firmware of the device. After discovering the exploiting you can flash a custom recovery image which will leap over the digital signature check of all the firmware updates provided. Now you can install your choice of firmware updates which is modified and involves utilities that will run every applications as root.

Some Easy Ways to Root your Phone

In the current process PATH which can be (/system/xbin/) ‘su’ binary can be easily located after which executable permissions are granted with the ‘chmod command’ in your android phones. Now SuperUser can regulate the elevated permissions in your applications.

All the Google branded android phones such as Nexus One, Nexus S, Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 4 and recently launched Nexus 5 and its tablets such as Nexus 7, Nexus 10 etc can be root easily by just unlocking the boot loader. All you have to do is to connect the device to the computer when it is in boot loader mode and then run the Fastboot program by just typing the command ‘fastboot oem unlock’ after this boot loader is unlocked in your phone without exploiting anything.

In some brands of HTC’s (HTC Desire) anything that was typed by using keyboard is interpreted as a command for root.

Learn Rooting

Now days many guides and tutorials teach you or can themselves facilitates easy and simple ways to root your phones.